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🪟 Arched
Handpoured with natural soy wax
Elegant Arched candle is here to paint your space with the scent
Our very first own designed candle with the help of Team Mayku
Inspired by French Renaissance-style château
It comes with cute packaging which is perfect as a gift!

🪟 S I Z E
Height 6.5cm × Width 11.5cm
Net weight 130g

🪟 C O L O U R
• White - Pear & Vanilla
• Pink - Spring in Paris

• Green - Haunted Woods
All colours are pastel tone

🪟 S C E N T
• Pear & Vanilla - A powdery sweet combination of creamy vanilla and fresh pear with warm ambers.
• Spring In Paris: Top notes of delicate rose, field hawthorn and bergamot with a combination of amber, ylang ylang, violet and cedarwoods.
 Haunted Woods: Lost in the haunted forest of evergreens surrounded by the autumnal aroma of white cedar and musk with a hint of bergamot and citrus. 

🪟 N O T E
• We use 100% natural soy wax with a clean cotton wick
• Please understand that all items are handmade and will have some minor imperfections by nature
• All of our candles are handmade and unique therefore there will be slight variation in colour
• Frosting is a very natural effect in soy wax candles.

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